Phillip Holzbauer

Founder of Wunderteam

That's how it all started! While Philipp was partying with friends at night somewhere in an Austrian forest, he tripped over a root and tore a tendon in his leg.

A few weeks later, his friend, who was an amateur boxer, noticed that he was still having trouble walking. He suggested, "Maybe you should try boxing shoes. They will provide your ankle with a stable support.

A workable suggestion! So he decided to buy a pair of used boxing shoes. It actually worked, even if the shoes looked a little strange and clearly weren't intended for everyday use.

Phillip decided to find a cobbler who could make him a very special pair of shoes. When he put on the new shoes, he immediately felt how comfortable they were and, above all, they looked very good. So good, in fact, that people kept asking. For this reason, he decided to make ten more pairs and initially only sold them to friends.

But it shouldn't stay that way

This is how Wunderteam came into being...

Wunderteam Worldwide

Alex Kapranos

Nice shot of Alex Kapranos, singer, founder and guitarist of the British-Scottish band “FRANZ FERDINAND”. did something that few visitors do: he grabbed a pair of bowlers and knew immediately that these were the shoes he wanted!🇬🇧 🏴————————————

Helge Schneider

Helge Schneider

He is a real all-rounder in the German 🇩🇪 entertainment industry and doesn't leave anything out when it comes to fashion. It was a pleasant surprise to suddenly see him in our store choosing exquisite clothes. His unmistakable sense of humor and his extremely likeable nature simply make him a great person. We thank Helge for his visit and the unforgettable concert!🤌🏻🤡

Raymond Thiry

He was immediately impressed by two “kicker” models on display – and damn, there was only one on the left and one on the right in his size. But that didn't bother Raymond at all, he had to have it! – so now he’s rocking two different shoes! It's perfect proof that Dutch pragmatism can also be quite bizarre!🤙🏼 😃

Paul Weller

Paul Weller is the “Godfather of Britpop” 🇬🇧and, so to speak, the ultimate mod for all eternity. Paul Weller has already given a cool English polo shirt brand a boost! It's absolutely great for us that he rocks some of our sneaker models too!🎸 He's a really cool and down-to-earth person, just someone you want to spend some time with and relax! 🤝

The Tiger Lillies

Martyn Jacques, Adrian Stout, Budi Butenopcombine

Their British humour, their punk attitude and their great art music in the style of Brecht/Weill make it a cabaret spectacle! They also rock whimsical face paint and edgy clothing that goes perfectly with our colorful shoes. Three great personalities who immediately fell head over heels in love with our retro sneakers!🇬🇧🤡

Billy Boyd

The likeable Brit 🇬🇧 who likes to express himself through acting and music. In one of his famous films he ran barefoot through the Shire. In “real” life he now rocks our sneakers!

Billy Boyd was so excited about our shoes, so we decided to bring some models backstage to his talented music crew. 🫶

Emmet Cohen

Emmet is an excellent jazz musician from America🇺🇸. He has been a virtuoso at the piano 🎹 since he was a little boy.

Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami 🎶

Graduated from the Manhattan School of Music.

He had to have Miracle Team shoes!

It was a great pleasure for us to get to know him. Rock'n Jazz Emmet 🎶 🎺