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The "Racer"

The new model "The Racer" from Wunderteam was influenced by the cool sports cars of the 60s and 70s. At this time, cars had soft, curved shapes and were vibrant and chic. The two stripes on the flanks and the round emblem on the shoulder! They pay homage to the famous racing stripes and number decals that are an integral part of the auto racing scene. But not only racing fans will love these retro sneakers!

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The "Kicker"

The kicker was actually inspired by the soccer cleats of the 1930s, when German shoe manufacturers totally rocked the game with their innovative shoes. At that time, these shoes became increasingly lighter and were specifically designed for use on the field. But now we're bringing the good old days to the streets with our version of the "Kicker" - a sturdy retro sneaker made from real leather. As was usual back then, they reach over the ankle and the small leather loop on the sides allows you to tie the shoelace around the heel for a stable hold.

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The "Bowler"

Inspired by vintage bowling shoes, these sneakers are handcrafted in Portugal from high-quality leather - just like all our styles. The Bowler is a classic low shoe with a robust rubber sole that lasts a long time. The replaceable footbed ensures maximum flexibility. The insole of all our shoes can be individually replaced with a specific, such as orthopedic, insole or other sole.

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The "Boxers"

Boxing shoes need to be versatile. You have to keep the ankle stable but still make the boxer damn fast. I tried to take these features into account when I created the first version. However, with the cut not being too high and the elegant leather, they look much more wearable. The design is chic and elegant throughout, but some people might get the feeling of a boxer when wearing it.

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Celebrities wearing Wunderteam

Nice shot of Alex Kapranos, singer, founder and guitarist of the British-Scottish band “FRANZ FERDINAND”. did something that few visitors do: he grabbed a pair of bowlers and knew immediately that these were the shoes he wanted!🇬🇧 🏴————————————

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