The Tiger Lillies in our Store in Vienna

The Tiger Lillies in our store in Vienna

'The Tiger Lillies' visits the Wunderteam store on Singerstrasse.

From left to right: Adrian Stout wears a limited edition model of the boxer with @vibram sole, singer Martin Jacques wears a kicker with a thick sole in petrol, brown, black (a special edition of which only 5 pairs were produced) with a vest from @pikebrotherscompany , and drummer Budi Butenop a Vibram version of the kicker.

I finally had time to get to know Martin better and was also able to learn a few bits of trivia. When I jokingly told him that I was thinking about using the song "Alone with the Moon" as the soundtrack for my (hopefully not soon) funeral, he laughed briefly, and then told me that the song was recorded in London, and he was there played on a piano that once belonged to Jimmi Hendrix! 😳 🎸

Music journalist @samirkoeck was also at the party and didn't miss the opportunity to buy new footwear. A particularly interesting variant of the @gulf Kicker - an almost daring decision, because this version was inspired by Steve McQueen's legendary Porsche 917 - but it looks so funky that very few actually dare to take it...

The subsequent concert at @porgyandbessvienna was, as always, a pandemonium of grotesque punk cabaret with circus flair and a dash of blasphemy - all carried by the unique voice of Martin Jacques.


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