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the Kicker

The Kicker is inspired by football shoes from the 1930ies, when german shoemakers revolutionized the technology around sporting footwear. Over the years the shoes became lighter and exclusively made for the field. Our version of the Kicker brings back the robust footballshoe made with real leather. It features an ankle protection, and a little leather loop that can be used to put the shoe laces around the leg to tighten the Grip.

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the Bowler

You gotta love bowling. Nobody takes it too serious, yet everyone has fun playing it! Take sport movies for instance. Boxing has "Raging Bull", with Robert De Niro. Racing has "Le Mans", with Steve MqQueen. Football has "Victory", with Michael Caine and Silvester Stallone. And bowling? Has "The big Lebowsky"! Does that say all about this sport? Not really. But we're gonna leave it at that...

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the Boxer

Boxing shoes are somewhat of a paradoxon. They should prevent the ankle from twisting around too much, yet they must give the Boxer as much agility as possible. This fascinated me when I worked on the first prototype. On top of that, they look very interesting due to the high cut an amount of eyelets. Our model looks elegant, yet it gives the wearer an aura of someone who just scored a first round knockout!

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Celebrities that wear Wundertam

Nice shot of Alex Kapranos, singer, founder and guitarist of british/scotish band "FRANZ FERDINAND" 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Eventhough he spent almost an hour in our store, which gave us time to chat about several topics, he did something only few visitors do: he grabbed a pair of Bowlers, and immediately knew these are the shoes he wants!

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